Concert list update spring 2017

Sorry for the lack of updates on this site lately, it will improve from now on for ever we promise!
As part of these late new years resolution we put our concerts for this spring on the agenda, including the Dafodil festival in Belgium and the Reno folk festival in Bologna. Hope to see you soon!

Concert list updated

Check the agenda to see where Hot Griselda will be playing coming spring 2014, we are looking forward to it!

New album released!

Available at all Hot Griselda gigs. Also available for order at this website now!

New album being recorded

We are in the studio right now recording our new album.. It will be a bitch from hell!

Hot Griselda live on Dutch television

We played live at Dutch television today in the program Tijd voor MAX on Nederland 2... You can watch the whole show here:

We are on at the end just after 42:00..

This friday the 8th of february we will play a ball in De Doelen in Rotterdam:


The members of Hot Griselda joined forces with unique folk singer Sophie ter Schure in a brandnew project called Tinderbox. Initially our idea was that Sophie was going to be part of Hot Griselda, but because of the very different direction this new collaboration was taking and also because we strongly feel that Hot Griselda should remain an instrumental group playing electrifying folk music suitable for dancing, we decided to keep the two separated! Be sure to check Tinderbox out though!

Agenda updated for early 2012

The agenda is updated for the first half of 2012! Hot Griselda will be playing in France, Germany and Italy.. Hope to see you all somewhere over there!

Celebrate newyears eve in style with Hot Griselda!

Hot Griselda will play a steaming gig to lead you into the new year 2012 in De Centrale in Gent.. Check out
More Hot Griselda dates for 2012 coming soon, so keep an eye on us!

Playing Boombalfestival and Gennetines this summer

The concert list on this site has been updated! We will pay a few festivals a visit: Boombal Festival, Festiv'Allier and Gennetines. It's gonna be a hot Griselda summer! In the meantime we will be working with Sophie on our new album..

New website online

Hot Griselda's brand new website is online en soon all the content will be available.

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